Phi Phi Island Boat Tour Timelapse in 4K!


I am now in Phuket, Thailand now and yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting the famous Phi Phi Island, which is about an hour boat ride from Phuket.  Ever since I saw a giant photo of it in my friend’s house, I’ve always wanted to go there.  And Phi Phi Island is actually pronunced like “pee pee” island, kind of left a fun impression in my memory.  Of course, I am glad I had brought my Panasonic GH4 along with my trusty Sirui T-025X tripod, which I used all day long.

Trying to take timelapse on the speedboat was a real challenge as I had to hold down the tripod for more than 10,000 shots with the speedboat riding over some waves.  But don’t worry, I enjoy making these videos even if I am on vacation.

As far as the boat tour went, I didn’t expect any snorkeling involved but luckily I had brought my Galaxy S5 with me which is water resistant up to 30 minutes.  My S5 held up very well actually in warm salt water and I was able to easily capture 4K videos underwater.  It was the most stable video but still it was better than nothing.  One British guy was surprised that I was using last year’s Samsung phone to take videos underwater.  Yup, you can take it underwater just fine as I’ve tested these things in water for over 30 minutes before.

Overall, I didn’t really have enough time to capture all the timelapse videos I wanted but did get to see most of Phi Phi islands (I guess it’s actually made up of many different islands).  The result is just what I could do in 9 hours of the boat tour, I definitely wish I had more time to make a better video though.  Next year, I will definitely bring more camera gear and try to capture/make better vids but in the meanwhile, please enjoy my vacation in 4K, I tried my best in my spare time here.