Seoul, Korea Timelapse in 4K! [2015]


Before my vacation, I knew nothing about making timelapse videos.   Well, I just got back from my vacation and now I know how to take RAW photos from my Canon 6D and Panasonic GH4 then use Photomatix to convert into HDR then finally convert it into timelapse video using Adobe After Effects.

Indeed, this process is very time consuming but since I was on vacation and had a lot of free time, I figured it would be a great time to do all that.   For my last timelapse video, I tried my best to maximized everything I’ve learned along the way, adding a few HDR timelapses into the video.  I also found HDR didn’t work so well at night, it was better to just take RAW photos and post process the images.

This is probably my last timelapse video for awhile since it takes such a long time to make one.  I used my Canon 6D and Panasonic GH4 to shoot 18,249 RAW photos (total of 358GB) over course of 7 days.  Of course, rendering these RAW files into timelapse video took awhile too, roughly around one full day of work then also another day to edit them into a video in Premiere CC.

Overall, I am satisfied with my timelapse skills that I’ve learned in the last 4 weeks.  I know I made a lot of mistakes (some of the footage have some exposure problems) but I think it will definitely improve over time.  And yes, my future Android videos should have lots of timelapse, if you have some good ideas for that, don’t forget to let me know, thx!


Phuket and Bangkok, Thailand Timelapse in 4K!


Wow, it’s amazing what you can learn while traveling.  Over my month long vacation in Asia (I have another week left), I have learned how to capture timelapse and hyperlapse videos using my Panasonic GH4.  Well, during the trip I realized a full-frame camera would be best for low-light timelapse videos so I picked up a Canon 6D and even learned to use Adobe After Effects.

Over the trip, I realized that most timelapse professionals were using Adobe After Effects to post process their photos and also add in virtual panning/zooming effects.   I have just mastered those skills (you will see some of the zooming/panning in the latter part of the video) and boy, it’s refreshing to touch on my editing skills and I really believe taking some time off Android videos have allowed me to actually get better at making videos.

Of course, my new Android videos will feature a ton of timelapse when I get back as I have new ideas for refreshing, unique videos.  I just need to find a new way to review gadgets and I think I may have just found it.   So stay tuned while I finish the rest of my vacation in South Korea next week and I will be back with more cool videos.

FYI, I used my Panasonic GH4 mostly in Phuket and picked up a new Canon 6D in Bangkok, some of the Bangkok shots were taken with Canon 6D.  I am now playing around making timelapse videos using the LG G4’s raw image mode, that should give you some excellent footage by working with raw images, I should have an update on that soon over at

Phi Phi Island Boat Tour Timelapse in 4K!


I am now in Phuket, Thailand now and yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting the famous Phi Phi Island, which is about an hour boat ride from Phuket.  Ever since I saw a giant photo of it in my friend’s house, I’ve always wanted to go there.  And Phi Phi Island is actually pronunced like “pee pee” island, kind of left a fun impression in my memory.  Of course, I am glad I had brought my Panasonic GH4 along with my trusty Sirui T-025X tripod, which I used all day long.

Trying to take timelapse on the speedboat was a real challenge as I had to hold down the tripod for more than 10,000 shots with the speedboat riding over some waves.  But don’t worry, I enjoy making these videos even if I am on vacation.

As far as the boat tour went, I didn’t expect any snorkeling involved but luckily I had brought my Galaxy S5 with me which is water resistant up to 30 minutes.  My S5 held up very well actually in warm salt water and I was able to easily capture 4K videos underwater.  It was the most stable video but still it was better than nothing.  One British guy was surprised that I was using last year’s Samsung phone to take videos underwater.  Yup, you can take it underwater just fine as I’ve tested these things in water for over 30 minutes before.

Overall, I didn’t really have enough time to capture all the timelapse videos I wanted but did get to see most of Phi Phi islands (I guess it’s actually made up of many different islands).  The result is just what I could do in 9 hours of the boat tour, I definitely wish I had more time to make a better video though.  Next year, I will definitely bring more camera gear and try to capture/make better vids but in the meanwhile, please enjoy my vacation in 4K, I tried my best in my spare time here.

Seoul, Korea Timelapse in 4K! [GH4]


Over my vacation to Asia, I have really fell deep into timelapse videos, especially how easy it is to do with a camera like the Panasonic GH4, which has a timelapse/stop-motion built-in.  You can actually make a 4K video right from the camera.

Of course, post editing with After Effect should improve the timelapse videos greatly but since I did not have the time to really post process anything (as I am on vacation) I had to do everything on the camera.   For future, I am definitely thinking of doing some HDR timelapse videos and perhaps invest in new camera equipment like a new Canon 6D or 5D Mark III.

Although my Panasonic GH4 does quite well, I feel like I do need a full-frame DSLR for the best timelapse videos.  I will definitely work on that when I get back from my vacation next month but in the meanwhile, please do enjoy some of my favorite locations from South Korea in fast-moving timelapse action.  These were taken in various places in Korea, mostly in Seoul including including  Gangnam(강남), CheongGyeCheon(청계천), Hong Dae(홍대), Itaewon(이태원), Maebong(매봉역), and Chun Cheon(춘천).

Gangnam Seoul Timelapse! – Safe from MERS?


I almost canceled my trip to South Korea this year due to MERS virus but I am glad I didn’t.   For those of you wondering, I would say South Korea is actually pretty safe to travel this summer as most of the MERS infections occurred in hospitals.  So, just stay away from hospitals, clean your hands well with hand sanitizer and you should be good to go.

The media has really blown MERS out of proportion, really frightening the public.  But as of this week, more people are actually going out and I barely see anyone wearing a mask as you can see in my video.  (Can you count how many people are wearing masks?)

For those of you who don’t know, my home town is actually the Gangnam district in Seoul, Korea.  My family moved there when I was around 3 years old, lived there until I immigrated to America when I was 9.  I could safely say I know Gangnam better than most people.  I still get asked directions from Koreans when I am in Korea and I don’t even live here anymore.

Anyways, I always wanted to find a cool way to show you what the real Gangnam is like.  I know y’all know Gangnam through Psy’s Gangnam Style music but what is it like to visit Gangnam in Korea?  Well, I figured a timelapse 4K video would be perfect for that so for the last two days I shot timelapse video in many places where I hang out in the Gangnam district, which I would say is the most popular destination in all of Gangnam.  What you are seeing is pretty much the center of Gangnam district, this is where everyone meets up and there’s a ton of clubs also for those of you party goers.

I used my Panasonic GH4 with my Tokina 11-16mm mostly with a bit of Canon 24mm F2.8 and 18mm F1.8.  This is actually my first try at timelapse video in a city location but Gangnam worked out to be perfect place to practice since there’s millions of people and cars, all moving constantly.

FYI, Seoul is the second largest populated city in the world with population of 25.6 million, this is definitely a place to visit.  Think of it like New York but with lots of Korean food, Korean women/men, and a subway system that’s light years ahead of New York.   (Sorry New Yorkers, but your subway is one of the dirtiest/filthiest public transportation system I have ever seen.)

I should try to incorporate some of my new learnings with timelapse into my future High On Android videos so stay tuned!  And please do let me know if there’s any suggestions to make my timelapse better for those of you professional photographers out there as I am learning everything on the go, thanks!