Rimping Supermarket in Chiang Mai!


If you need to get some international/western food such as some pasta, beer from Europe, or even Korean noodles/snacks, one of the best places to go in Chiang Mai is Rimping supermarket.  They have about 6 different locations throughout different parts of Chiang Mai (including one inside MAYA mall near Nimmanhaemin Rd.) and they have great selection of freshly baked bread (I get the baguette every morning for my sandwiches which is baked fresh every morning but make sure to go before noon as they sell out quick and they don’t make them in the afternoons), fresh fruits, and fresh meat if you like to barbeque your own steaks.


You can also find many American/international household items.


They have great selection of ham, prosciutto, sausages from Europe and locally made.  My favorite is the spicy Bangkok Ham, which is ham with Thai peppers inside, makes great for spicy sandwiches, I eat it like every day it’s so good.


Cheese selection is also very good, they sell all types of cheese from Europe and locally made to satisfy your cheesy appetite.  I usually pick up a few blocks of mozzarella cheese and shred my own for making pizza at home.  They do sell shredded mozzarella too but they are usually not fresh and best to buy blocks as it’s also much cheaper.

For pizza dough, you can make your own dough or you can grab the mediterranean frozen all-purpose dough.


Pet food?  Yes, I grabbed a bunch of dog food for my dog here, they mostly got Pedigree for American brand but they have enough selection to keep your pets happy.


If you are into fish, you can find great selection of fish here also.


Want to cook your own steaks at home?  No worries, grab fresh beef just like in America.  Prices are not bad considering dollar goes a long ways recently in Thailand.


Of course, if you love fruit like durian or any local Thai fruit, Rimping sells the most fresh fruit.  Even local Thais prefer buying them at Rimping due to freshness.  I can’t stand the gaseous smell of durian back at home in the U.S. but durian in Thailand is super fresh, there’s zero gaseous smell and surprisingly now I enjoy eating durian.


Of course, all Thai groceries and 7-11 have selling hours for alcohol.  You can only buy alcohol between 11AM to 2PM or 5PM to midnight.  Best way is to always get more alcohol than you need in case next time you get stuck at 2AM needing to get some and finding you can’t buy it.

And also be aware of Buddhist Day, the day you cannot buy any alcohol during that whole day!  It happened to me once a few years ago in Bangkok and I had the most sober day of my life.  It doesn’t mean you can’t drink alcohol that day, they just don’t sell any so just stock up the day before and you should be fine.

The Food Factory at Kad Farang!


For those of you who want to try some fusion food, one of my favorite places to go in Chiang Mai, Thailand is Kad Farang, which has a lot of restaurants made for westerners.   This place isn’t as touristy as downtown and many of the local foreigners who live here go.

Anyways, today I checked out The Food Factory, which sells Thai/European fusion food.   Surprisingly, I ordered the Thai style spaghetti with seafood which I really liked.  While many spaghetti dishes served in Thailand are a bit on the thick side, this dish tasted really light while giving me some spicy flavor of Thai food.

As someone who lives in the U.S., I do enjoy Thai food ofte  but not prefer to eat it on a daily basis as your stomach needs some time to get used to.

This spaghetti dish was perfect for the occasion, also the seafood was very fresh, not the frozen type.

Also if you are trying to find a place where they sell both westerner and Thai food, this place may be perfect as your Thai wife will be able to enjoy good Thai food while you enjoy some fusion food that is easy on your stomach.


Lastly but not least, having air conditioning is certainly one of my requirements to a good restaurant since my body is not used to this weather.  The Food Factory has great AC and it’s really a hidden gem that is literally hiding at the back part of Kad Farang.  So definitely give this place a go when you are fiening for Thai European fusion food.

Google Maps doesn’t have a location of this place as it’s brand new but it’s right next to Thin Thin Pizza in Kad Farang.