Tour of My 4K Camera Gear!
Here’s an update on what I am using for my 4K YouTube videos. If you want to get high quality videos, you may want to consider using a camera/camcorder with interchangeable lens capability.


So you can get a nice depth-of-field (blurred out background) in your shots and make your subject look super clear and crisp. Whether you are shooting outdoors or just gadgets indoors like me, you can all benefit from having the right camera gear.

My current 4K setup:

Panasonic GH4 – This is probably one of the best 4K cameras out there right now, especially considering you can use your old Canon/Nikon lenses with an adapter or Metabones Speedbooster.

Metabones Speedbooster for Canon – This allows me to use my old Canon EOS lenses on my GH4 and also bring down the F-stop/aperture by one full stop. It’s an awesome piece of hardware you must absolutely get if you have older DSLR lenses.

Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 lens – This is the most versatile lens ever as you have nice range from 18-35mm at F1.8. Also you can focus on subjects up to 2-inches close, meaning you can get some real close-up shots without having a zoom lens.

My recommended setup for those of you just starting out with YouTube:

If you don’t want to spend more than $800 on equipment to get started out with YouTube but still make excellent 1080P videos, this is my recommendation:

Canon T3i – You can buy the least expensive Canon body as the video on T3i, 60D, and 7D are practically identical.  Don’t get it with the kit lens, they are worthless, buy the Canon 50mm F1.8 and Canon 24mm F2.8, those are the only two lenses you need to start out.  I recommend T3i since it’s come with a swivel LCD while the older T2i doesn’t.  You can also grab these much cheaper on eBay.  For videos, you don’t need a brand, new camera.

You can also get Nikon cameras if you like Nikon brand or Sony or Samsung but I really like Canons because you can install aftermarket firmware like Magic Lantern to add new features like intervalometer, RAW videos, and much much more.

Current Microphone:

Sennheiser G3 Wireless Microphones – These are the most advanced microphones that are wireless and also allow you to eliminate any camera noise as it has sound decibel controls for both receiver and transmitter.

Other Camera stuff:

 Manfrotto Tripod – I love Manfrotto tripods, they are sturdy and will get the job done.

Manfrotto Fluid head – You definitely need a fluid head as it will make your moving shots super fluid.

Softbox Lighting Kit – You need some good lighting for indoors, this is what I am using right now.   Also grab LED bulbs as you will save 4 times more in electricity, I am using these at the moment.

Paris Baguette Bakery in Daly City! [Canon EF-S 24mm F2.8]


(Testing out my new Canon EF-S 24mm F2.8 Lens!)

This will be my first ever blog post on my new site at  Basically, I wanted to make a new personal website to put all my photos and travel thoughts.  I also have way too much stuff I want to post about cameras in general but my main site is really dedicated to Android stuff only.

With this site, hopefully I can do some camera reviews, howtos, and also post my personal photos in original high-resolution.  Anyways, this is just a new creation of mine, hopefully I will have some interesting posts to read.

If you have been following me on my YouTube channel or through my, think of it this way, this is my personal site where I post stuff that I do on a daily basis.

Anyways, onto the story of the day, I will be going to vacation in a few weeks to Thailand and South Korea.  I love my 18-35mm Sigma lens with my Panasonic GH4 and Speedbooster but since I will be traveling, it’s going to be a pain to carry around considering I will be walking a lot more in Asia.

Last time I was in South Korea, I carried all my DSLR camera gear and I ended up not using it at all!  It really bummed me out because when your camera gear is heavy, you tend to leave it at home and miss all those importants shots you could take with some high quality photo gear.

My Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 lens is just simply awesome but it does weigh a ton at around 2 pounds just for the lens itself.  It doesn’t sound like much but when you consider carrying around for travels, it does weigh you down plus the lens itself isn’t exactly small, it is a zoom lens and will need a bag that can fit it.

So I did some research and found that Canon just introduced their new pancake 24mm EF-S F2.8 lens, which only costs like $150.  I loved the wide-angle view of 18mm on my 18-35mm Sigma and wanted to get a wide-angle lens that could replace it.  Although 24mm is not as wide but I found it wide enough for most of my photos for portraits and landscape.  Also I already have a F1.8 50mm lens I can use for close-ups.


Will my new 24mm F2.8 lens and 50mm F1.8 lens replace my Sigma 18-35mm for traveling?  Upon trying them, you betcha they do!  The 24mm is wide enough for most shots and I can always get closer/farther away if needed while the 50mm gives me nice zoom in certain situations.

Best of all, both of these lenses together weigh almost nothing.  I don’t have to worry about carrying my heavy DSLR gear/lens everywhere.   What I did also find very helpful is that these two lenses are probably the most affordable (both are under $150 each) and great lenses to get started with DSLRs.

Also, I was able to mod the 24mm EF-S lens to work with my Panasonic GH4 using the speedbooster.  The process is actually simple, you have to just pull out the extra plastic on the lens and then it works flawless with the GH4.

I haven’t decided yet but I may carry my GH4 or my Canon 60D.  But all is good as I will be able to keep making my YouTube videos without carrying too much gear.

Well, this is getting a bit long I know, but I wanted to post my first post on my new website from Paris Baguette Bakery in Daly City, CA.  (I actually made the whole site right from here using my Chromebook.)  Below are some photos I took with my new Canon 24mm F2.8 lens with 60D.  If you want to see how it looks like on video, most of the close-up shots in this video I used my new 24mm lens.

FYI, Paris Baguette Bakery is actually a Korean bakery franchise that recently opened up many locations in the U.S.  I was rather surprised to find that it was right here in Daly City, CA where I live.  You can find some excellent bread, coffee, sandwiches, and deserts like shown in below photos.   They actually have Paris Baguette everywhere in South Korea (like every block), and I would never have imagined this being introduced to Americans.



(Peony loves this place, ordering cute deserts like this.)



They also sell Pat Bing Soo or “Fruit Shaved Ice”, it’s actually a traditional Korean desert made with ice, fruit, and beans.  It’s great on a hot day and tastes somewhat like a fruit smoothie, highly recommend to try.

Sorry, this post is getting a bit longer than I initially planned and probably just me rambling but that’s exactly what I wanted to do on this new site, ramble about photos, cameras, and travel.  Anyways, I should have some interesting camera reviews and my travel experiences posted here.