How to Take High Speed Golf Swing Shots with Canon 6D!

In this example, I simply used a prime lens with my Canon 6D, ISO set to 100 and dial set to Aperture priority at F1.8 using my 50mm F1.8 lens.

Today was a bit too sunny so at ISO 100, it worked out perfect at the camera automatically set the shutter speed high but if it’s cloudy, you can raise the ISO to make the camera shutter faster, which will result in crispy, high-speed golf swing shots.





(Can you see the golf ball in the air?  That is power of DSLR.)









My one wish is that one day Android smartphone cameras can do something similar but at current state of affairs, that is simply not the case.  That is why I still carry my Canon 6D and 7D cameras with me for these special occasions.

Time Square New York City with Canon 6D + Tokina 11-16mm!

As some of you may know, I LOVE making timelapses, which is probably one of my favorite hobbies when I travel.  In my recent trip to New York City, I took probably around 3000 photos for my NYC timelapse (which I will have up soon).

Here are some of the photos I want to share from that trip mostly taken with my Canon 6D and Tokina 11-16mm lens (I know, this is not the correct lens for a full frame camera but I am trying to work with what I have so at 16mm, pretty much no vignetting).

You can click on the photos to download the larger version which you can use as free wallpaper up to a 4K widescreen monitor!











Jelly Fish Free Wallpapers w/ Canon 6D + 40mm at Academy of Sciences, SF!

The other day, I took my daughter to Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.  I normally do not like to make videos/vlogs when I got out but I LOVE to take my trusty Canon 6D with me to take photos.  I recently picked up a pancake 40mm lens, which is the widest you can go on a full-frame camera like the 6D without spending a gazillion dollars or getting fisheye.

I really love this lens because it’s a bit wider than my 50mm also it’s super lightweight and great for just making your DSLR into almost a compact camera.  The only thing I realized with this 40mm is that you don’t get the depth-of-field as you can with 50mm F1.8 as you are limited to F2.8.  I would probably take the 50mm next time but 40mm is not bad at all for close-ups.

I took these photos in RAW mode then did a bit of tweaking in post but I was just having fun out there.  You can use them as wallpapers if you want up to 4K monitor (as I sized them up to minimum 4K), simply click on the photos to download them in large format (do right click->Save As).







Asiatique in Bangkok, Thailand! [Long Exposure Photo][Canon 6D]




I did get to visit Bangkok for my second time couple days ago. Bangkok is definitely one of my favorite cities in Thailand as there’s plenty of city life.

One of the places you should absolutely visit if you plan on going to Bangkok is this place called Asiatique Riverfront. It’s basically a riverfront hangout area with a bunch of restaurants and shops by the river.  Last time I was in Bangkok, this place didn’t exist but I guess they’ve built it just over a year ago.

You can find plenty of wind here at Asiatique to cool off your built-up Bangkok heat during your day travels.  Also, there seems to be a river cruise you can go on which I didn’t have time for this trip but next time will definitely check it out.

I also picked up a Canon 6D at MBK shopping center for about $1200.  Due to the currency, I actually saved almost 20% over buying on Amazon at home in the U.S. That was rather surprising so if the currency exchange is right, you may actually save buying gadgets overseas.

One of the new reasons I bought a new Canon 6D is because I wanted to take better low-light photos.  My Panasonic GH4 is great for most things video but its smaller sensor size doesn’t do as well in low-light situations, especially for photos that I really wanted to take.  Also, I was thinking of getting the Canon 5D Mark III but the Canon 6D does offer the exact same sensor and according to some, even better low-light performance.  Regardless, I didn’t want to spend the extra $1000 on 5D Mark III and also the 6D offers GPS/WiFi capability which I absolutely need for posting photos on the go without my laptop.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the Canon 6D, and below are some of the long exposure photos I took at Asiatique in Bangkok, Thailand. (click to enlarge photos!)



I have also used the 6D on my timelapse videos (which I am still editing) and I have started using Adobe After Effects to make timelapse videos using RAW images. The result is definitely much better than my previous GH4 setup since I can really play with the images before making timelapse videos.

This vacation has really given me time to re-energize and work on my photo/video skills, especially now I have a new full-frame camera and learned how to use Adobe After Effects. So, don’t worry if I don’t post enough Android videos as when I get back, this will all translate into better/more interesting videos.

Tomorrow I am headed back to South Korea for another week, I will try to get some more interesting photos/videos.  In the meanwhile, let me know what you think of my long exposure photos with the Canon 6D.