24 Hour Coffee Shop in Chiang Mai at Wake Up!


After 20 hour flight from San Francisco to Chiang Mai, Thailand, I was doing just fine on the first day after getting couple hours of sleep.  On the second day, the jet lag jitters kicked in and I woke up in the middle of the night at 2AM and couldn’t go back to sleep.  Normally, I would take sleeping pills when this happens but I have been trying to avoid them as it affects me greatly the next day.

Instead, I opted to find a 24-hour coffee shop and was rather surprised that Chiang Mai doesn’t have a ton of 24-hour coffee shops.  In fact, the only place I could find using Google was the Wake Up coffee shop in Nimmanhaemin district in Chiang Mai.  It was about a 24 minute drive from Hang Dong where I am staying at but I was able to get there in just 10 minutes thanks to no traffic and my eagerness to go as fast as I can over 100Km/h.

If you are staying in Nimmanhaemin, this should be easy to find, it’s on the southern tip of the main road.  Boy, I was so glad to see this place as they have coffee, smoothies, bakery, and even 24-hour Subway that’s connected next door.

This is located right next to the Dude Cafe, Google Maps haven’t updated but it’s where the Jipata store was.  Here’s a Google Maps location.

For those of you who just arrived in Chiang Mai, this may be worth the visit (even with a Tuk Tuk) if you simply cannot go back to sleep.


Yes, fresh smoothies!  I grabbed some strawberry smoothie for about 79 baht, pretty good.



Hungry?  No worries, Subway is actually part of this 24-hour coffee shop.  I am about to grab breakfast here in a bit.


They also got some great outdoor seating for those of you smokers.  At night, the weather is nice and cool so you can enjoy the outdoor setting.


Me being sleepless in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  I am not tired though, just need a quiet place to practice becoming a digital nomad.  Chiang Mai is the world’s capital of digital nomads, I guess bloggers and alike.  I have hard time believing though that they don’t have more 24-hour coffee shops like this.


On the second floor, they even have Korean/Japanese-like floor seating, not that I would ever want to use it muchy.


They also got these nice rounded lookin’ seats, very comfortable actually.


And yes, there’s AC plugs for power-hungry users like myself.





They give you 4 hours of free WiFi with any purchase above 50 Baht.


Internet speed is a bit disappointing though.  I am here around 4AM and no one is here yet the internet speed is a bit slow at only around 4-5Mbps download and less than 1Mbps upload.  If they can upgrade the internet a bit, this place could be the ultimate place for digital nomads.