Jelly Fish Free Wallpapers w/ Canon 6D + 40mm at Academy of Sciences, SF!

The other day, I took my daughter to Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.  I normally do not like to make videos/vlogs when I got out but I LOVE to take my trusty Canon 6D with me to take photos.  I recently picked up a pancake 40mm lens, which is the widest you can go on a full-frame camera like the 6D without spending a gazillion dollars or getting fisheye.

I really love this lens because it’s a bit wider than my 50mm also it’s super lightweight and great for just making your DSLR into almost a compact camera.  The only thing I realized with this 40mm is that you don’t get the depth-of-field as you can with 50mm F1.8 as you are limited to F2.8.  I would probably take the 50mm next time but 40mm is not bad at all for close-ups.

I took these photos in RAW mode then did a bit of tweaking in post but I was just having fun out there.  You can use them as wallpapers if you want up to 4K monitor (as I sized them up to minimum 4K), simply click on the photos to download them in large format (do right click->Save As).







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