My Camera Gear

This is a page dedicated to all the camera gear I currently use.  I should be updating the list so check back!  (Sorry, I am currently in the process of fixing this page, it’s a work in progress.)

UPDATE June 6th 2016: Check out what’s in my bag here!

– Panasonic GH4 camera – This is what I use mainly for all my photos and videos now.  I love this camera because it’s so much lighter than my Canon 60D and 7D plus now I can record 4K videos.  I primarily use Sigma 18-35mm lense with this camera but when I am traveling I carry my Canon 24mm F2.8 pancake lens, 18mm F1.8 lens, and Tokina 11-16mm F2.8 lens as they are much lighter.

For all my camera gear I use, check my old page at here.

Equipment I use for 4K Video Editing

At home, I use a custom-built open-case PC with Intel i7 5960X and 3 R9 280X graphic cards in CrossFire. (You can see a video of it here.)  When I don’t feel like sitting in front of a computer or traveling, I use my MSI GS60, which is a great 4K laptop and only weighs 4.2 pounds. (You can see a my MSI GS60 Laptop Unboxing and Mini Review here.)

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