Long Exposure Photography Beach – Canon 24mm F2.8 + SpeedBooster + GH4


Last week, I ordered a variable ND filter to try out some long exposure photography.  Well, the variable ND filter wasn’t good enough as there were a lot of vignetting.  So I ordered a 10-stop ND filter for my Canon 24mm F2.8 lens.

The results?  I may not be a professional photographer but I think I did quite well for my first successful long exposure photos.  Also, I did get to try out my new Sirui T-025X tripod, which is probably the smallest tripod in the world.  I am lovin’ it because it folds down to just 11.8″ inches and only weight 1.7 pounds!

With slight wind in these photos, the Sirui tripod held up well I think.  If you are thinking about getting a good tripod (that can support up to 11.8 pounds) that’s lightweight and small, I highly recommend it.  I should also have a full review of it soon.

In the meanwhile, if you are a professional photographer, please do look at the originals (click on the photo) and do tell me what I can do to improve my long exposure photography.

By the way, I used F16 and shutter speed of 10-13 seconds for these photos using my 24mm F2.8 Canon lense + Speedbooster + Panasonic GH4.






3 thoughts on “Long Exposure Photography Beach – Canon 24mm F2.8 + SpeedBooster + GH4”

  1. You could double check your horizont. Not on all of them, but mostly falling left or right. You could also check your hyperfocal chart. I dont know your particular lens, but the magic F16 isnt the ideal for all lenses on all focal distances… For long exposure 8 secs will be good enough, so if your hyperfocal chart says your optimum is on F11 – you can still go down with time to 8 secs.
    Keep on, photo is fun

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