MWC 2016 – What’s In My Bag! #MWC16


CES 2016 was a lot of fun and I got to bring my livestream rig which I got a ton of complements on.  The only thing bad about livestreaming was that setting up took forever and carrying it around the show floor was a drag. Plus, it was hard for me to actually enjoy the show and doing things live can become hetic, stressful.

So for MWC 2016, I will be bringing a different rig so I can make some nice cinematic 4K videos, perhaps enjoy myself more.  And I know some of you wanted a video of my new rig for MWC 2016, so here’s what I bringing:

First, I will be bringing my sturdiest tripod, the Manfrotto 055. It’s heavy tripod but it is super stable and I will be able to get all my shots as steady as I can.

For smooth lateral and horizontal pans, I will be using the Manfrotto MVH500AH fluid head.

I also have the Manfrotto 502 head too which is nice but it weighs twice more than my MVH500AH plus MVH500AH is good enough for my purposes.

For camera, I will be using my Panasonic GH4 along with speed booster and my Sigma 18-35mm lens.

That’s my basic setup but if I want to do some sliding shots, I can go head quick release my camera, mount my Edelkrone motorized slider then snap my camera back in.  I am using a bunch of quick release plates so I can do this quickly on the go at MWC 2016.

I love my Edelkrone slider with action module which is an automated motor unit that you can use for sliding your camera easily. You can also do some nice target sliding while it’s moving laterally.

Now, I’ve also hacked up my own 15mm rod rig that allows me to position the camera to the side.  What this allows me to do is get a shot that’s vertically above my subject.  Using this, I can do some over-the-head shots.

When I am done shooting all my slide shots, I can go ahead and put everything back into my bag then I can quick reattach the camera, fluid head, and tripod.  What I realized through my recent trip at CES is that you want to keep your camera and tripod out of the bag as they weigh you down the most.  Instead, if you carry your tripod and camera with you, you can easily balance your tripod on your shoulder, which feels a lot lighter than having more things in your bag plus you can set the tripod down on the ground when resting.

That’s all I am carry for MWC 2016 so hopefully I will be able to make you guys some nice cinematic 4K videos of Galaxy S7, LG G5, HTC One M10, and much more.  Other than that, I am bringing my MSI Ghost GS60 4K laptop for 4K editing and Zoom H4N for voice overs for the video.


World’s Smallest & Lightest Tripod! – Sirui T-025X!


Before my trip to Thailand and South Korea this summer, I wanted to bring my tripod for photos and videos.  I do own a trusty Manfrotto BeFree Travel tripod, which I love by the way.  But that one isn’t exactly the most portable tripod in the world and also is very heavy.

After days of research, I found the smallest and lightest tripod you can buy in the world, the Sirui T-025X.   This tripod consists of carbon fiber for the main material, resulting in just 1.7 pounds of weight!  Not only is this tripod the lightest in the world, it’s also the shortest tripod in the world measuring at just 11.8 inches when folded.

Having a tripod less than a foot means it will fit in most backpacks.  Whenever I carry it around, it adds just little bit less than 2 pounds.  For days when I have to walk all day long, the weight savings and the ability to pack it in my backpack beats any other travel tripod out there.


The Sirui T-025X tripod extends to 52″ full using knobs that can quickly extend with half a turn.   For a guy like me at 5′ 9″, this is actually the perfect height since that’s usually my shooting height.  Also add a few inches for the Manfrotto LP128 Fluid Head I use with it.  The tripod does come with a tiny fluid head that’s good for horizontal motion but I don’t recommend that unless you don’t need vertical motion and fluid motion of a Manfrotto.  (My usual fluid head is Manfrotto MVH500AH but I got the LP128 since it’s a little bit smaller and lighter.)


Sirui T-025X also can be adjusted to three different angles for the legs, lots of room for many different angles.



As this tripod isn’t super stable due to its lightweight design, you may find it a bit wobbly for motion shots where you need to move the camera.  But it is rated up to 8.8 pounds of equipment and I have put on my Canon 7D and Sigma 18-35mm lens on just find but you should be able to put bigger zoom lenses if needed fine.

For additional stability, the tripod comes with a little hook where you can hook up additional weight.  I just put some water bottles in a plastic bag to get more stability when needed but I usually use my Canon 24mm F2.8 pancake lens, which is light enough to use without.

Overall, this is a fantastic tripod for those of you with a camera bigger than a smartphone or compact DSLR and you want to have stability of a tripod.  I do also own Manfrotto monopod but I hate the fact that monopods don’t fit in my backpack and you always need a dedicated hand for it even when not using it. (But it is great for small spaces where you cannot put the legs of tripod down.)

I’ve actually tested this tripod for my last 4 or 5 videos on my YouTube channel, and the tripod has held up pretty good.  If you need the lightest, most portable tripod in the world for travel, I would definitely go with this.  Sirui also sells metal version of this tripod for $100 cheaper and it weighs just a tad more, shouldn’t be bad either.

Get the Sirui T-025X tripod here – Link

Get the Sirui T-005KX tripod here – Link (The cheaper metal version)